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Under By Treaty He S Hers By Treaty She Wants His Devotion General Jaden Is A Thorn In The Qui S Side Ambassador Sonil Is On Earth To Extract Him By Treaty When Jaden Is Stripped Naked Then Caged, He Gets A Taste Of How Far She Will Go To Ensure He Is Worthy Of Serving The Qui Empress Her Training Is Ruthless And Alien Rules Apply Failure Is Not An Option Saving Earth From Annihilation Requires Jaden S Complete Surrender But Sonil Demands Than Obedience She Wants His DevotionUnder By Treaty Is A Bold, Fast Paced Adventure Of Femdom Erotic Romance, With A Strong Alpha Hero Who Must Submit To An Alien Temptress To Save The Human Race From Decimation By The Conquering Might Of The Qui EmpireThis Erotic Romance Novel Containing BDSM Themes Is The First Installment Of A Science Fiction Series And Part Of The Surrender Collection

About the Author: Kayla Stonor

Kayla Stonor is the pen name of an author of dark, edgy, erotic romance featuring alpha males who submit to the women they grow to love Kayla s writings are not the usual romantic fluff Her novels often skate the edge of consent, with thrilling violence and dramatic relationships between powerful alpha males and dominant women.

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    I m blown away by this Erotic FemDom Space Opera I adore fantasy worlds, and the universe created by Kayla Stonor did not disappoint This whole story was beautifully written with the perfect amount of detail I felt completely immersed in this Sci Fi universe without being drowned in superfluous information.Action, suspense, violence, space travel, alien domination, romanceI love a good bit of kink in my erotic fiction In any D s story, I p

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    This is my second time reading this book The first was four years ago In all that time, I kept thinking about this story I finally reread it and I m changing my rating from four to five stars I m also adding it to my favorites shelf because a story that stays with you for that many years is special.Funny enough, I didn t feel like there were any plot holes this time around I can t remember what it was four years ago I still want to read boo

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    Now this is a book which is filled with hot domination and alien lifeforms Jaden is a 30 something General of what used to be the United States 30 is young, but since the world has been decimated by the Qui, it s plausible Jaden is a strong man who s always in command The leaders of Earth trust him and rely on his strategy No one is surprised than Jaden when the Qui offer to give Earth independence if Jaden surrenders himself The term surren

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    Warning plot spoilers The description of this novel pulled me in, so I decided to go for it Once I started reading I could hardly stop Our hero Jaden is in a really bad spot Being a guy reading this stuff, it got really intense for me It would be very difficult for any man to survive withstand the things that happen to Jaden in the course of his enslavement domination.Jaden is not a punk to submit lightly, especially considering his master tortu

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    Phenomenal Those of you who enjoy non dub consent, harsh punishment, and the breaking of a person without losing personality and identity will love this Jaden is an exceptionally strong character alpha male and then some Sonil, who is training him for the Qui, is relentless The torture is graphic and heavy so if that bothers you stand back now I loved the SciFi aspects and they don t overwhelm the story Jaden is not a submissive so this is not a s

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    General Jaden, by nature a dominant male, is betrayed by his President and handed over to the Qui as a bribe to save Earth from decimation Sonil the Qui leader wants Jaden as her submissive consort, to willingly make love to her and obey She is one mean lizard like lady who hates lies with a passion and expects instant obedience If this doesn t happen punishment is swift and cruel Due to his dominant nature, submission does not come easy and Jaden i

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    For the last thirty years, Earth s population has been decimated and terrorized by the K lahn, members of a reptilian race belonging to the powerful Qui empire.As a child, Trey Jaden witnessed his parents die at the hands of the savage K lahn and vowed he d make them pay Now in his thirties, he s risen to the rank of a three star general His prowess on the battlefield is a thorn in the eye of the ruling Qui imperial family a shapeshifting race who rul

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    Wow this story blew me away, I m really not sure where to start It wasn t what I expected, not that I am entirely sure what that was Well, I originally put my hand up to read to review when I noticed it tagged as femdom The heroine was definitely a kick ass strong female alien but I would not class her as a domme per say That out of the way, this story was wonderfully written the world and character building magnificent, I could literally see the story

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    I enjoyed this sci if story than I thought I would Jaden s a dominant male general is offered by U.S Government, or sold out, to a ruling galactic house of the Qui Their Ambassador Sonil has sequestered Jaden as part of her treaty to avoid war and destruction of planet Earth Jaden has been bought to be trained as absolute submissive consort to the Qui How does a dominant man, a general who hates the K lan and Qui end up submitting through some terrible t

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    I loved this book I am not normally interested in male submission as I love my alpha males but the author manages to keep General Jaden s alpha intact even when he is reluctantly bending to the will of the alien Ambassador.The training scenes in this story are well done and creative I was totally caught up in how far Sonil could push Jaden without breaking him I thought is was a nice balance here between his submission and strength of will AND I always love

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