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Wicked Ties She Didn T Know What She Wanted Until He Made Her Beg For ItMorgan O Malley Has Seen A Lot Of Kinky Things As The Hostess Of A Cable Sex Talk Show But She S Never Met A Man Like Jack Cole Before A Self Proclaimed Dominant, He S As Alpha As A Male Can Get And Good For Morgan To Have Around When An Obsessed Stalker Ratchets Up His Attempts To Get To HerThough Jack Is A Bodyguard, Morgan Feels Anything But Safe In His Presence Because Slowly And Seductively, Jack Is Bringing Her Deepest Fantasies To The Surface And When He Bends Her To His Will, What S Shocking Than Her Surrender Is How Much She Enjoys It And Starts To Crave His Masterful Touch A Willing Player In Jack S Games, Morgan Knows That His Motives Aren T Pure, But She Has No Idea How Personal They Are

About the Author: Shayla Black

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    2.5 Stars Allow me to share my feelings on this book in one, concise gif.That s it That is basically what you ll be doing for a vast majority while readingspinning in circles The heroine Wanting to be dominated is wrong This feels so good My needs are abnormal I ve never felt such pleasure Stay away from me

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    WICKED TIESDAAAAA YUMMMMMMMMMMMM If you like your hero super sexy, smoldering hot, dirty talking and ready and determined to fulfill all your fantasies, you must read Wicked Ties Jack Cole is sex on a stick and he ll have you squirming and panting from the beginning to the end of this amazing book WOW Shayla Black

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    Warning This book contains a whole lot of graphic sex, including but not limited to BDSM, menage and anal play It is absolutely not for the faint of heart The most awful saddest part about this book is that every review I ve read says the others in the series are nowhere near as good It s such a shame because it d

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    When I started this book I figured it would be just another sexy read by Shayla Black WOW Was I ever wrong Not about the sexy read part, but about the just another part of the sexy read comment Jack Cole is a bodyguard, an alpha male and self proclaimed Dominant He s given the opportunity to appear on a cable sex talk show and d

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    I am having trouble finding the words to express how much I hated this book I knew that this was basically supposed to be a sexy book and not great literature, but even by those standards, it failed How could a book with this much sex manage to be so boring Morgan I have never wanted to get out of a character s head this badly before T

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    5 stars Romantic Suspense Erotica BDSM M nageYOWZA It s difficult to adequately review this book because author Shayla Black successfully weaves so many elements into the story Anyone who appreciates well written erotica, especially with aspects of BDSM D s or Menage should read this book Wicked Ties is highly rated and recommended by for ero

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    I had heard so much hype about this book that I was a little disappointed with it I enjoyed it, but I wasn t wowed I think Jack s ultra dominance was a little much for me and I felt a little sorry for Morgan I kept putting myself in her shoes and wanted to strangle Jack That would have been my sexual fantasy I wish he had been a little

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    2.3 I wanna change Massachusetts with Romania, works here as wellWow This was like a bad Z movie, a bad porn, Z movie and I am claiming artistic license for any repetitions or pleonasm D The hero is a bully who doesn t know what he wants and the heroine kept along with him He s an a hole to her, fu ks up the D s concept and send her supposed fianc v

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    DAYUM Wicked Ties is probably one of the better BDSM books that I ve read No butt plugs in sight It was scorching HOT, but still had a lot of heart in it too.I don t usually care for heroines in a lot of erotica romance novels, but I found that I really liked Morgan She s intelligent and industrious, but still vulnerable in her sexuality I liked her reluc

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    Wicked Ties has heat than the fire from an erupting volcano This erotic tale of Jack Cole, ex Special Forces soldier and experienced dom, and Morgan O Malley, TV show host who denies her submissive nature, brings new meaning to the word SEXY As Jack encourages Morgan to embrace her fantasies, he pushes her to submit in ways that will probably make you want Jack to say

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