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The Empire of Gold I am not okay. Quick confession When I saw the page numbers of the book, I draw the blanket on my face and try to hide from the book Nearly 800 pages I m so happy it was not a paperback, I m holding right now I don t want to look like wrestler after finishing my reading I was looking like giant when I finished Dark Tower series of Stephen King book It gave me cries to look at my triceps Of course the other two books of the installment were long, too but when I start reading something and you may guess I m reading two times faster than normal people But This overusing your brain and killing your brain cells softly technique earned me scrutinizing and suspicious looks and daily at least 10 emails are you a robot You cannot read all of them FYI Yes I can and yes I will time stops I stop eating thankfully I resume my drinking habits, thanks to my stocked straw collection After the quarantine it s five o clock at some place in the earth, cheers , becoming asocial which makes my husband happier and my neighbors happiest , living and feeling the book fully But I felt so likely because I already invested in this series for so long and after the cliffhanger of second book, I was really curious about the story s progression so I want to yell at myself to have second thoughts to start this one So I grabbed it It already glued to my hands, my mind, my heart and to my soul Here we go Let s get lost in the story inspired by Arabian nights I have to admit The strongest thing about the book is its unique, impeccably detailed, layered, well crafted characterization Interestingly one of my favorite characters is Dara I know his POV was darker, gruesome and depressing when you compare with other two POVS but I found those parts realistic, stunning and vivid The emotional part of the story fed by slow burn Alizayd and Nahri s romance I enjoyed the characters development and their inner journeys They grew, they lost, they hurt, they ached and experienced versions of them were much brighter and likable I got really surprised but I root for Muntadhir and Zaynab a lot and I wished they have their own POVS I know the book would have pages than War and Peace with their additional narrations but I still wanted to read their inner thoughts and wanted to learn about the characters Fingers crossed, maybe we get a spinoff and see the supporting characters have their own books The conclusion was amazing There are so many unexpected twists make you flabbergasted, shocked My spidey senses retired throughout my reading so I didn t see any of them coming I m so happy to read this ARC but I also feel sad and nostalgic as usual when a trilogy ends and I have to say goodbye to all those characters I invested for a long time I m rounding up 4.5 start to 5 and I m closing it with red rimmed eyes at 4.26 am in the morning It was a long reading marathon for me but truly it was worth it Special thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Voyager for sharing fantastic conclusion of trilogy in exchange my honest review The Final Chapter In The Bestselling, Critically Acclaimed Daevabad Trilogy, In Which A Con Woman And An Idealistic Djinn Prince Join Forces To Save A Magical Kingdom From A Devastating Civil WarDaevabad Has FallenAfter A Brutal Conquest Stripped The City Of Its Magic, Nahid Leader Banu Manizheh And Her Resurrected Commander, Dara, Must Try To Repair Their Fraying Alliance And Stabilize A Fractious, Warring PeopleBut The Bloodletting And Loss Of His Beloved Nahri Have Unleashed The Worst Demons Of Dara S Dark Past To Vanquish Them, He Must Face Some Ugly Truths About His History And Put Himself At The Mercy Of Those He Once Considered EnemiesHaving Narrowly Escaped Their Murderous Families And Daevabad S Deadly Politics, Nahri And Ali, Now Safe In Cairo, Face Difficult Choices Of Their Own While Nahri Finds Peace In The Old Rhythms And Familiar Comforts Of Her Human Home, She Is Haunted By The Knowledge That The Loved Ones She Left Behind And The People Who Considered Her A Savior Are At The Mercy Of A New Tyrant Ali, Too, Cannot Help But Look Back, And Is Determined To Return To Rescue His City And The Family That Remains Seeking Support In His Mother S Homeland, He Discovers That His Connection To The Marid Goes Far Deeper Than Expected And Threatens Not Only His Relationship With Nahri, But His Very FaithAs Peace Grows Elusive And Old Players Return, Nahri, Ali, And Dara Come To Understand That In Order To Remake The World, They May Need To Fight Those They Once Loved And Take A Stand For Those They Once Hurt Thank you to HarperCollins for an early copy of this book Please be warned that as this is the final book in a trilogy, the review will contain SPOILERS for the first two books The City of Brass and The Kingdom of Copper The Empire of Gold begins immediately after the second book ends Daevabad has fallen, with Manizheh at its head and Darayavahoush standing squarely by her side Nahri and Alizayd have fled the city with Suleiman s seal in tow, resulting in a sudden extinguishing of magic Now, they find themselves attempting to come up with a plan that will save their city, all while preventing any bloodshed Meanwhile in Daevabad, Dara must come to terms with the fact that he has committed yet another massacre with the weight of blood and guilt on his hands, with Manizheh s endlessly cruel schemes further grating on his conscience, Dara must make a choice Will he do what he knows is right and rebel against everything he s ever believed, or will he stand by his Nahid s side, no matter the cost Let me begin by saying that this is one of the most difficult reviews I have ever had to write For one, it s no secret that this series is my favorite trilogy of all time, one I have been championing non stop since before the first installment was even released To say I had certain expectations for how everything would be wrapped up is an understatement some of these were met, others were not Some of those that were not met, I was fine with, others I was not Parts of this conclusion were absolutely perfect, and I could not have asked for a better ending other parts felt like I was reading a completely different series It sometimes felt like a chore to get through it So, it s strange having to write a glowingly positive review mixed in with a somewhat negative review so bear with me.There are two tones to the book Nahri and Alizayd s chapters are adventurous, feeling Disney esque at times Dara s chapters are absolutely grim As Nahri and Ali traverse across human lands, meeting magical creatures, getting themselves into dangerous situations, their chapters have a clear sense of adventure to them Despite what they have gone through, their moments are lighter than Dara s chapters of the book However, despite liking both characters arcs and chapters in the previous books, I felt a little disappointed with their chapters here, one reason for which was the romance.Ali s unresolved romantic feelings for Nahri are far prominent here while they are alone together, and unlike previously, it seems as if Nahri begins to reciprocate The two have no one else to lean on after the destruction wrought onto their home by the man Nahri loved so deeply Their bond shifts from purely platonic to somewhat romantic, and quite frankly, I wasn t a fan For one, I was far invested in the pair as a platonic couple, and I loved their friendship Until this book, Nahri had not reciprocated Ali s crush, nor had she ever hinted at feeling anything for him other than loving him as a friend, so I ll admit the romance felt rushed, forced and unnecessary Before anyone lies to you and says that I wasn t a fan of the romance because of petty ship wars, let me make it very clear I never cared if Dara and Nahri ended up together or not especially not after everything that happened in the second book My ideal ending was Nahri to end up powerful and happy, and throw all the men into the trash I m not saying if that s the ending we got or not, but the romance between her and Ali was, frankly, bad my feelings towards Dara notwithstanding even if Danahri have chemistry in a single scene than Nahli have had in three books, fight me Secondly, I raised my eyebrows at the fact that Nahri has now been with all three main men in the series Dara in the first book, Muntadhir in the second, and now Ali in the third It s a strange narrative choice that I didn t think was necessary.Another reason why I thought the Nahri and Ali chapters weren t as compelling is because when contrasted with Dara s chapters, they felt jarring and out of place Dara s arc is extremely heavy, his chapters fraught with both chaotic external conflict, as well as the internal conflicts within Dara himself He s always been a polarizing character, and it s no secret that I am one of those people who rooted for him from the very first day, and I felt his arc was wonderfully handled Dara has to face the consequences of his decisions, his bloody history, and is forced to look some ugly truths about his beliefs in the face the result is a devastating picture of regret, guilt, helplessness, anger and frustration.To me, the Daevabad trilogy has always been about the intersection of these many different conflicts how otherwise decent, good people can do terrible things in times of war, how histories are written by victors, how peace can never truly be achieved with the weight of past oppressions and transgressions hanging over people s heads Dara s chapters embodied the brutal, bloody nature of the series, portraying intense political strife, the desire to do what s right and failing to do it anyway, the need to work with people you have previously been pitted against all of that was so intricate and fascinating, and I m not even talking about his internal conflicts yet In contrast when a Dara chapter would switch to an Ali or Nahri chapter, where Ali is salivating over Nahri s wrist It felt jarring, so trivial compared to what I had just read that I couldn t take those chapters seriously.Another thing I noticed was how when Ali s main conflicts re his conflict with his family, and wanting to do the right thing by rebelling against the people he loves is taken away, his character falls flat I ve loved Alizayd from the very first book his intense idealism, his strong sense of justice stemming both from his own morality and his Islamic faith, his determination to help the marginalized at cost to himself Even the fact that he s judgmental and often close minded just add nuance to him None of that was present in this book When his main conflict was taken away, Ali felt like a shell of who he was he was reduced to his romantic feelings for his friend, his sadness at losing Muntadhir, and that s it Despite that, he had chapters than Dara did when Dara s arc is literally reaching its climax as the reader grapples with whether or not he will receive redemption or not while on the other hand, Ali s arc had already reached its climax in the previous book I firmly believe that he should have had fewer chapters.But despite my problems, that ending that ending was absolutely perfect, and I cried tears of grief and joy and hope, and felt both hollow and content after the turn of the last page This series s books have a pattern a strong build up, and during the last quarter, everything explodes The Empire of Gold follows a very similar trajectory, and boy, when the explosion happens, it is absolutely phenomenal I was at a loss for words, just screaming variations of keyboard smashes at the person I was buddy reading with shoutout to you Hannah From the climax of the story where all the action comes to a head, to the aftermath, Chakraborty wrapped her story up impeccably Just Dara s arc, especially, was chef kiss and I still don t have words to describe it It felt earned and appropriate, given everything And Nahri I m so, so glad with how her story wrapped up I obviously can t go into as much detail because spoilers, but I think most people will be very happy with the ending.If you ve stuck around to the end of the review, maybe you can understand why this review was difficult to write I loved so much about this book loved these parts than I loved anything about the other two books, and there was a lot I didn t like too, and that s not something I can overlook For a solid 75% of the book, it was a 2 star read, unfortunately but the ending picked it up, and picked it up so magnificently that I m still content with the way it ended despite a bumpy ride Make of that what you will Either way, I will miss these characters so, so, so much and I am so grateful to the author for not only bringing this world and these characters to me especially Dara Dara let me die for you , but also because I met so many incredible friends through it For that, I will be forever grateful. I don t usually care about the romances in books but I really hope Nahri and Ali are endgame and not Dara I hate the trope where a girl falls in love with a man being that is like thousands of years older than them And I just love the friends to lovers trope Roll on June Me It s 1am,I should sleep It s late.Also me What are priorities Do you know how many times I ve had to do this Forget healing, my specialty should be having my life destroyed and then being forced to rebuild from nothing Yet everything was just a touch off There were empty spaces where conjured buildings should have stood, ugly pockmarks on the skyline The brass walls were tarnished, the edifices on closer inspection riddled with missing bricks and blackened mortar Defying any weather pattern Nahri knew, somehow the eastern half of the island was draped in snow while the sun scorched the western half so fiercely small fires smoldered in the scrubby hills A hazy black cloud revealed itself to be a swarm of flies, and the ruined Citadel still lay bare to the sky like a scar, its tower half drowned in the lake Just like the mountains, Daevabad was sick.RTC Date TBD This book was like those songs that start slow, almost soundless, but that just go up and up until you cannot not hear them This series made me realize that love is powerful, it can get you through a lot and make you stronger But it s not everything Friendship and family are always there when love is challenged I thought i couldn t read about Nahri and Dara being apart, but the fact that I enjoyed, that I loved them being in love but apart, just reminds me that you can do everything you want, that you can be a Nahri in a world of ManizehsI would do it again, Dara I would take your hand a thousand times over Their love is platonic and so powerful and I couldn t be happier for this finale.Final vote 4,5ebook provided by Edelweiss 1 The City of Brass 2 The Kingdom of Copper Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchBuddy read with Jocelyn at Yogi with a Book I honestly can t even imagine what direction this book will take after the events of book 2 but I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED and it ll 100% worth however damn long the wait is I just want my children ALI AND NAHRI happy and safe

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