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The Amber Secret (The Relic Hunters #3) A Vanished Relic A Deadly Prize The Half Mad Explorer Dante Caruso Swears He S Found A Fabled Russian Relic Called The Amber Room, And He S Attracting The Wrong Kind Of Attention A Ruthless Team Of Ukrainian Relic Hunters Called R Has Kidnapped Him And His Family They Want To Know Where The Amber Room Is And They Ll Spill Blood To Find ItNobody Knows Treasure Hunting Like Guy Bodie And His Crew But Abduction Is The Last Thing They Expect The R Forces Guy, His Treasure Hunters, And Caruso At Gunpoint To Traverse The Vast, Unforgiving Tatra Mountains And Find The Amber Room If They Fail, The R Will End Them And If They Run, The Hunters Will Become The HuntedArmed Only With Caruso S Dubious Instructions, Guy And His Crew Must Find The Amber Room At All Costs Will They Solve The Deadly Mystery Of This Long Lost Relic, Or Will They Die Trying

About the Author: David Leadbeater

International bestselling author of twenty one thrillers, thirteen in the Matt Drake Action Adventure series, also The Disavowed and Alicia Myles series All available for the Kindle.Website

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    After a devastating loss in the previous volume, Brodie and his band of treasure hunters and CIA handler are kidnapped by bad guys to help them find the famous Amber Room They have help from an explorer who s suffering from dementia He thinks that he found the treasure but doesn t remember where The plot is not bad,

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    Guy and the gang are back for mayhem They are still reeling from the loss of one of their own but they have to move on, their CIA Masters won t let them mourn for ever They now have 2 enemies after them The Bratva want them dead for stealing an artifact revered by their recently deceased head The other group want the items as

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