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Rough, Raw, and Ready (Rough Riders, #5) Torn Between The Love He Has And The Love He S Always Wanted Rough Riders Series, Book Chassie West Glanzer Hasn T Been A Stranger To Drama And Tragedy A Year Of Wedded Bliss To Sexy As Sin Cowboy Trevor Glanzer Has Brought Her The Happiness And Contentment She Never Thought She D Find, And Mellowed Trevor S Rodeo Wanderlust Then Trevor S Old Roping Partner Ambles Up The Driveway And Chassie S Life Changes Drastically Trevor Never Expected To See Edgard Mancuso Again, After It Became Clear He Couldn T Be The Man Edgard Needed Now Edgard Is Back From Brazil To Sort Out Their Tangled Past, And Trevor Is Plagued With Feelings He Thought He D Buried Over Three Years Ago Although Trevor Is Hat Over Bootheels In Love With His Sweet, Feisty Wife, The Sense His Life Is Missing A Piece Has Always Gnawed At Him Chassie S Shock That Edgard And Trevor Were Once Lovers Turns To Fear Of Losing Her Husband Or Worse, Fear That Trevor Will Stay With Her Only Out Of A Sense Of Duty Yet As The Three Of Them Spend Time Together, The Sins Of The Past Blur And Fade, Leaving Raw Emotion And Unbridled Passion Passion That Could Heal Or Cause Irreparable Damage To Their Future

About the Author: Lorelei James

Lorelei James is New York Times USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary erotic westerns and erotic romances She lives in western South Dakota.

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    5 stars Contemporary Western Romance Erotica BDSM M nageMs Lorelei James, I humbly kiss your cowgirl boots The Rough Riders is one of my very favorite erotic romance series and the books just keep getting impossibly better I thought Cowgirl Up and Ride couldn t be topped, but then Tied Up, Tied Down proved me wrong I once again believed that the bar was set so high that it couldn t be be

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Oh boy, what to sayI really enjoyed this one, maybe a littlethan I thought I would, which shouldn t have surprised me I mean, Lorelei James is one of the few authors who can have me finishing a book in one day, so she must be doing something right There s just something about her writing style that makes reading her b

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    While I normally enjoy the Rough Riders series, I did not like this book At all Generally, I prefer my HEA to be between 2 people however I have read some very good menage HEA s that the author has really written well Those have worked for me This one did not.I felt like Trevor was dishonest and a cheating bastard If I came upon my husband kissing someone else, whether man, woman or horse, I would be PISS

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    Wow A very disturbing book A menage book I didn t like This was a first, because it was well written and had nicely implemented drama All this aside there was one thing I can never stomach when it comes to a tree way relationship when I feel it s a crowd.Also, this book contained my second deal breaker for m nage fiction the feel that somebody in a mm relationship is not gay Or bi Or what ever But first let me quo

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    Torn between the love he hasand the love he s always wanted Wow, with each instalment in the Roughriders series I keep saying this one is my absolute favourite it just can t get any better Well I was sorely mistakin because James has outdone herself with 5 and this one really is the best yet no really Now I m left lamely trying to put into words how friggin fantastic this story is.Ever since book 1 Long Hard Ride I ve been

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    There are quite a few great reviews on this book so I will just share my thoughts I was wary going into this story because I was afraid Chassie was going to be the third wheel in this relationship I should have realized Ms James could take a difficult relationship like this and make it work and make it emotionaly satisfying as well I felt the resonable questions and emotions that would come up from finding your husband attracted to

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    5 Rough, Raw, and Ready StarsOk see again this is my favorite of the series, I have read and re read this book so many times So there might be SPOILERS This is a MMF, MM , MF, MFM Book Chassie Trevor EdgardChassie has found out a pretty be shocking secret about her husband Trevor His old Roping partner Edgard shows up at their ranch out of the blue.When there secret comes out, I think I was most surprised at how Chassie deals with everythin

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    Reread 8 14 10I ve been wanting to reread this one since I first read it And I think it was even better the second time around I love this story For me, it s the ultimate alternative erotic romance It s one I ll definitely have on my keeper shelf for a long time Maybe I m a bit biased because I love Menage HEA stories, and especially Bi Menage HEAs, but I loved this book Super hot, great characters, an interesting storylineI loved pretty much everyt

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    dont read review if you LOVED this book.I honestly dont think that to many people are going to be overly impressed by this review Dont get me wrong the book, was great The sex was unbelievably erotic, the characters were meaningful.BUTand here come the rant PERMANENT menages are not cool I loved Trev and Ed when we were first introduced to them and I was pissed off as all hell when Trev let Ed walk away, but he did And Trev moved on and dont read review if y

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    I m giving this book 3.5 stars, but not at all for the same reasons that I gave 3.5 stars to Long Hard Ride and Rode Hard, Put Up Wet I liked this book More than I thought I was going to I liked the characters and thought it was a great story, even if I personally can t fully understand the situation and relationship between Trevor, Chassie, and Edgard I personally believe that you should live your life how you want to live it and not give a damn about what others th

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