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Sweet Temptation (Sweet, #4) He Was A By The Book Cop Who Broke The Rules In The Bedroom Micah Hudson Has Painful Secrets He S Run Hard From He Has New Friends, A New Life, But He S About To Be Confronted With The One Person Who Reminds Him Of All He S Tried To Forget Angelina, The Sister Of His Oldest Friend David She Knows Everything About His Past, Including How He And David Fell In Love With The Same Woman, And How They Decided The Best Way To Prevent Her From Tearing Them Apart Was To Share Her Between Them But Then A Terrible Accident Left Micah Alone She Was Willing To Do Anything To Make Him See The Woman She D Become Micah Lost The Two People Who Meant The Most In The World To Him Angelina Lost Her Only Family And She Kept Her Deepest Secret Close To Her Heart Her Love For Micah No Longer Willing To Wait, She Decides It S Time To Go After Him And Bring Him To His Knees She Knows His Secrets, His Desires, His Kinks And Fetishes, And She Ll Use Whatever It Takes To Reel Him In Behind The Easygoing, Loves Women Exterior Lies A Man With Dark Needs And Passions She Can Give Him What He Wants But Will He Decide She S What He Needs

About the Author: Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Temptation (Sweet, #4)

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    3 1 2 to 4 StarsWell, sometimes I shock myself I actually enjoyed this bookthan I thought I would I loved the plot, the humor, and especially the heroine, Angelina She had an inner strength that I admired tremendously In fact, I liked her so much that she ended up on my favorite heroine shelf I was a little disappointed with the hero, Micah, though From the start of the series, hi

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    Not as bad as I thought it would bein fact, except for a few chapters scenes that were way beyond my comfort level, this was a pretty good book.This was 35 year old former Miami cop and now Houston security expert Micah Hudson s story Micah, everyone s sexual third from the previous books in the Sweet series, finally gets a lady of hi...

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    Series 4th in the Sweet Series ongoing Sensuality XXXReason for Reading Maya Banks is my crackPlot Angelina has been in love with Micah, her brother s best friend, for ever However, things are complicated because Micah was in a three way marriage with the brother and another woman He still mourns their deaths 3 yrs later Angelina has been keeping tabs on Micah and thinking that the time is finall

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    There were maybe 50 80 pages of an actuall story here, and that part I really liked, after the big action after they got the bad guy, the ending vas very nice Everything else in this book was sex And I didn t like it much Threesomes can be hot, I ve read a few and liked them, but here oh boy, there was a fivesome in here lol I don t even know what s it really called, but it was just awfull to read, Micah

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    I am upgrading the book to 4 stars instead of the 3 I originally gave it because I keep coming back to reread it PROS I find the love story very appealing and sweet There are some BDSM sex scenes that are amazingly hot, I loved them I actually thing that those kinky sex scenes are the main reason I keep rereading Sweet Temptation Let me explain, it is not just for the sex, but also because how that sexual relati

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    5 stars Romantic Suspense Erotica BDSM M nageI ve been in love with Micah ever since Sweet Surrender, and I d imagined that his story would probably be the darkest of the series Well, Micah really showed his tortured, brooding, cold side in this, and it definitely has some heavy and hardcore content And in fact, there were times that Micah made Damon from Sweet Persuasion seem like a total pussycat Despite a few moments

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    WOW, I had liked Micah so much in the other books and I still liked him and could sympathize with him until the half way point of the book After that, I lost all respect for him What he put Angelina through crossed the line for me to cowardly, cruel and self centered Time after time he told her he would only give her sex and it would be for his pleasure only and boy howdy it was The way he had her be involved in a gang bang and

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    This book was intense INTENSE The entire book was heart shattering, blood gushing, skin tingling erotic Sweet Temptation is a story about Micah and Angelina.This book is filled with mystery Despair Doubt Betrayal And I loved every second of it.Micah has been a free spirited and sexual charged character in all of the prior books He is funny, sexy, and adores the female body A total man whore to say the least.Micah has been running from

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    Hated this book Nothing sweet or tempting about it I like to have some romance and love in my erotica and this one just didn t have it Perhaps it s a matter of personal preference and lifestyle choices, but I just cannot see how love can exist with someone as dominant and messed up as Micah I also think that Angelina nees to have her head examined as well.The sex scenes were definitely very hot and well written, but they still left a bad taste

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    Ok I finished this book, but really it was a struggle.yes, I know its erotica and yes that means that there usually is little or no plot, but I was really disapointed in this book.IT started off all well and good and I was really intrested in the motivation of the main heroines motivation for taking the choices she did, but near the end I just skipped most of it.Yeah the sex scenes were rather steamy and not something I usually read, but then I just d

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